Saturday, November 19, 2011


First and Foremost ~ the attempts of some to blame Hillary for anything related to DOMESTIC affairs is ignorant on the part of those who have done so... Hillary is America's Secretary of State and only over FOREIGN affairs... Hillary does not have any authority over Wall Street nor it's crimes... That falls under President Obama's job description... He is the President - not Hillary! If any American wanted her to have that authority then they should have voted for her in 2008, but then again with the Clinton Record on the economy - we all know that if she had been elected then the Wall Street Executives and the 1% WOULD HAVE HAD THEIR TAXES RAISED... and WE WOULD ONCE AGAIN HAVE someone in charge that created 22 Million NEW JOBS, a balanced budget, and a surplus! Those wanting to drag Hillary into the Occupy Wall Street mess need only look at the economy success of the 1990's to realize that HILLARY WOULD HAVE HELD ALL OF THOSE responsible for the meltdown accountable for their actions! Now with that said... Let us remind the American People... A REAL LEADER IS ALWAYS MANY STEPS AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE! It's called having the INTELLIGENCE to LEAD! Everyone remember in the 1990's when First Lady Hillary Clinton said Americans deserve the same FREE HEALTHCARE that their members of CONGRESS get and they labeled it "HILLARYCARE" and they fought her ~ even demonized her and convinced Americans that they didn't want her "Socialized Medicine!" Then she said it again on the Campaign Trail and earned more votes than anyone else to the nomination so they cheated her using The Super Delegates... and what did that get us - Obama's MANDATE with NO PUBLIC OPTION... IT'S GOOD TO SEE THAT SO MANY ARE FINALLY GETTING TO THE SAME PAGE THAT HILLARY WAS ON ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO! SO RALLY ON.... "Occupy Wall Street" folks... Welcome to Hillary's thought process! But look out because you'll soon be in Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, and Kenn Starr's Cross-Heirs if you keep pissing off their buddies Billionaire Mr. Dick "TEA PARTY" Armey and The Fat Cat "Koch’s" or Coke Brothers..... Then they'll sick FOX NEWS on you and have the Nation watch as they try to ruin your marriages, get your husbands and wives fired, trash your kid, and then portray you as the Bitches... Just Ask Hillary... She's "Been There and Done That" and was ready to get even with them for us and for herself in 2009 as soon as she took the oath of office ~ but ONCE again... Washington and it's special interests beat her down and used Barack Obama as their pawn! GOD FORBID should equality stretch from state to state and person to person in this nation! They will fight you at ALL COSTS! Hillary's wounds have healed but the American people's cuts are still bleeding and sadly Hillary continues to say no she's not running again... and even more sadly Team Hillary understands why...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It is real easy for someone to walk out to a podium and CRITICIZE the HARD WORK of another person, but it takes alot of gall to do so without even giving the person who traveled thousands of miles, held numerous meetings, and garnered international support any credit at all! Thanks to 21st Century Statecraft we can rewatch and relive events as they have unfolded and do so many years after they have occurred and it is for this reason that Team Hillary Presents... . . Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: A Libyan Success.... . . Note: This is a work in progress and is not completed... More Hillary and Libya News will be added! . . Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7